Feminine Yamadori Spruce

Howdy! It’s been so long and I am sorry but summer was hot and I was almost gone the entire time. Yes, the trees got love but I unfortunately didn’t have time for any blog posts.

So, I hope I can provide a quick and fun post and that you’ll forgive my absence :).

I collected this tree about 2 years ago, I didn’t think it was so interesting at the time but it was a Spruce and I had no Spruce, so I wanted a Spruce. It was very easy to collected which prompted my action of removing her from this environment and providing it a great home at the Brno Balcony.

It recovered quite well and even started to develop more bark down below. I didn’t give this tree much attention and was also quite lost with how I was going to style it. Since it was already growing in the pot for two years and getting quite bushy, something needed to be done to move the tree forward, alas, styling time.

IMG_2282This is a year after collection and the growth was much stronger than the prior year.

IMG_3859Removing much of the growth and getting down to the structural essentials, I was still lost with what I should do..

IMG_3858I chose to keep the apex very light and chose to go with an Alpine-style, multiple apices, loaded with auxins, fighting against each other for dominance. I am pleased with how this turned out and I am excited for its future.
We’ll see how this develops right now it’s extremely sparse, light and needs to recover from losing so much foliage. The left side also needs to be shortened in the future to push the flow more to the right.

I wish you a great weekend!



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