Bonsai Balcony Brno upgrade

Sometimes life is a routine but then it comes at you and there are just so many things to take care of all at once. Projects at work, family visiting, unexpected career spins, moving, sports, other extracurricular activities and summer vacation trips have kept me from really spending any time with my trees. I know, woe is me.
Moving recently has really given me the opportunity to enjoy Bonsai a lot more and is the biggest highlight for Bonsai Balcony Brno. Instead of watering for an hour or more, it takes me five minutes! Being able to use a hose or also rain water really bumps up potential. The former being extremely handy especially when you get home late for example and you still have to water your trees and the latter positively changes chemistry in the soil. Brno has very hard water and using purely tap water can take its toll on trees so the acidic rain water is great for countering this and a welcome bonus.



This terrace is huge!



Above is the end of July and the bottom is one month after. I decided to cut some of the bigger leaves off again to keep it tidy this year. It is advised not to consistently try to keep your bonsaiĀ  attractive because eventually your tree will weaken. I have let this tree grow freely for almost over a year so I can trim it up a bit this year.

Can’t forget some action clips. It was a glorious Sunday.

This Ficus wasn’t the only tree that got attention so stay tuned.