Candelabra or Freak Larch #2

I had the same fun experience with this tree as with the first ugly larch. I have also received lots of negative feedback and negative reactions from this tree that it is a mess (maybe it is) and that there are so many problems with it, which could also be true.

To me, because this yamadori came with so many branches at the “knuckle”, I realized that I could also have a lot of fun with this tree and create something that isn’t a typical bonsai. And, if the tree already had all of this branching on it, then isn’t it natural? I didn’t place the many branches there. The tree experienced a storm, rough times, maybe a few rocks fell down on it during heavy rain or winds and yet the tree created new leaders and pushed on. Why cut all of that off? Instead you could use what the tree offers and try to make something original. Anyone else tired of only creating single trunk bonsai and listening to what is wrong and right? This art or hobby should be fun and you should try and do things that might not turn out so well.

For now, I will do just that. To keep this tree as a strange mixture of candelabra ruggedness from the high Alps and also a mixture of elegant and feminine features contrasting each other and creating tension within one tree. I am sure that this tree will also evolve and my taste might change, but oh man, this experimentation is fun.


Spring is coming! Only perhaps a few weeks before our trees start waking up here.


2 thoughts on “Candelabra or Freak Larch #2

  1. Was searching for this sort of crazy shape Cos I have an unruly jasmine potted plant too . Seemed a shape to cut off its strong branches . So glad someone else thinks out of the box . Tq

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    • I always try to consider keeping branches even if they don’t necessarily fit. This tree has now been re-potted and you can see it in it’s latest iteration before bud push in my latest post. Thanks for the nice words 🙂 T.


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