Late Fall colors

A bit late regarding some of these colors but, they happened so why not show them?


This is a Sumac or Rhus Typhina I believe. In any case it’s part of the Rhus family


Carpinus Betulus

The two Lidens I recently wired. Showing some color, it was even better a week later but I didn’t take pictures then… bummer!


two weeks later this tree had awesome colors, once again I missed out.

and then a week later..


have a good one


Japanese White Pine #3

I am late also to post this as it’s been a month since I finished the styling. I bought this tree at 40% off, which is a bargain so I jumped into this species for the 3rd time.


This was what I thought could be the front

This is how the tree looked when I bought it, nebari isn’t great and neither is the movement but for a bargain I had to buy it. Great bark, quite a fat trunk as well as healthy looking foliage and full of roots to boot, convinced me that I would like to repot in the spring. If I want to repot in the spring though could mean that I have to wait another year to design it. After consulting Mr. Pavel Slovak I decided to risk the largest sum of money that I have ever thrown at a tree and style it aggressively.


Main and some other branches wired into place

I wanted to do as good of a job as I could, might as well do it neatly. I was surprised with rafia and heavy wire including guy-wires how I managed to get some movement into the branches.


The difficult thing with this tree, is that a lot of the branches weren’t ideally long enough and I had to make some strange twists to give the pads a more consistent and full look. I hope in the future once some back budding occurs (which apparently doesn’t happen that much on JWP) I can fix some of the structure and design. I was also very worried about overworking this tree but it really needed to be wired hard otherwise all the branches would become too thick to manage at all down the road. It would essentially be a fat trunk pom pom that would maybe end up in the ground and never live as a bonsai.

Half- way there. This was about 3 hours in, I am just very slow at wiring still and deciding what branches to keep, plus I wanted it to look nice.


Finished, for now. Slightly different angle

5 hours later, a total of about 9 hours, I finished the tree for the time being. Some movement was put into the lower main branch and I removed some branches in the back to keep some balance in the tree. I have no idea if this tree was ever actually wired like this but I am happy I took the risk. I kept the tree in a cold hallway with windows (8-14 degrees Celsius) for about a month to help the tree recover from such a surgery. I also misted quite a bit. I was nervous because I bled my first JWP about a year ago and I think it was because I did too much work on it and also the time of the year. This tree about a week after styling also was bleeding a bit but not as bad as my first JWP.


The tree is now in my recently built greenhouse/ polytunnel and I believe it is out of the uncertainty zone. Only a couple twigs have turned brown and the rest has remained the same color. I really look forward to re-potting it in the spring and inspecting the root system.


My first Polytunnel

This weekend, I came up with this idea rather quickly and made it even faster. To my surprise it seems to work and hold together!

PVC, zip ties 5×6 meter tarp and your set 😀

I think this will keep my pines happy in our super dry winters and also help protect all of my trees from freezing winds, etc.