Kusamono parade

My last post was a bit of a downer and there are still things to make me smile in the garden. Here are some plants that don’t usually get very much attention and many still need many years to properly develop and therefore, I must show them all at once.



Wild Rose rosa multiflora (i think) Not really a kusamono but very cute and growing strongly



Currently my only Palmatum



Not sure what any of these are called but it is all collected from somewhere around 2700m. It will flower soon


An idea I had but the spores have taken a long time to develop, Brno isn’t humid, at all.

Have a good one.



R.I.P. or bad spring

I wanted to post something that some would consider a blow to the ego and although it made me feel awful, I know that it is simply a part of this deal. Not something I am proud of but I do believe that the warm March and very cold April played some part in this. I was also absent on vacation during March this year and I believe I would have left my poly-tunnel up if I stayed around for the month of April as well.

This was the worst spring I have ever had since I started pursuing Bonsai. I think that this at least can help others that may be beginners or some that have a few Bonsai years under their belt, realize that some of your trees will die. It is important to try and learn why they died and how to possibly prevent them from dying in the future. I believe there are also other reasons why the trees decided to give up. They were meant to teach you something and push you to progress further in terms of knowledge, cultivation, horticulture and artistic skill.

So, here I am putting my ego aside and presenting the trees that did not make it this year.



First tree of the year. A big Hawthorn


A big Linden I collected this year.


Not a great tree but it has been with me since my 2nd beginning here in Czech Republic.




Medium collected hornbeam with great taper and branches.


One of my biggest losses. I was really looking forward to finally getting to the ramification stage


Awesome little hornbeam I picked up last year. Died from a fungus that seems to be running around Europe lately. Buds opened with something like a cotton ball vs. fresh spring leaves.


This was my biggest loss. This was my pride and joy of a tree that I tried to make into a good bonsai. It has deeply saddened me that this tree didn’t make it but I will not let this loss keep me from becoming a great bonsai practitioner some day.

I promise that in the next post, there will be some positive news. I hope this post gave some hope to those that have lost great trees, that you are not alone. To those that are well known bonsai artists or just have many years of experience, I am sure you understand and have experienced losses of trees that were very close to you.