New Small Scots Pine

It has been almost 3 weeks since I bought this small and healthy looking sylvestris pine from Bonsai Moravia.


As bought

I thought I might have gone too far on the first styling. Especially with the lowest branch. Aftercare and shelter is needed for it to survive.


after wrapping it in a bag to keep it out of the wind and spraying frequently, I was rewarded with this.


Spring is looking good this year.

Pine Yamadori

Two years ago I found a scots pine that was cut at the top. There was still healthy growth at the bottom and there was also a huge potential for a future meter-sized bujin/literati.


beginning to dig



it had a good amount of roots so survival looked good. I tried to keep as much of the mycorrhiza as I could


To give you a size idea. My biggest tree yet, it also has an interesting deadwood branch and scar that points down. I wonder what happened there.


12 days later, things are looking good but not out in the clear yet

Collecting reminder

I came across an interesting post on Bonsai Empire and I felt it was a good time to share it with everyone since Yamadori season is in full swing/almost ending here in the lower elevations while it is just starting around the 1000-2000 meter mark. Take care when collecting trees, many of them have been around longer than you and deserve respect and admiration.