New Year ’19

I apologize for not posting for such a long time. I would like to update you with some images of some of the trees that have changed a bit since how they started out.

A larch that was dig up but wasn’t too interesting. After the initial styling I wasn’t very satisfied and I thought about removing two of the structural branches. This wasn’t the decision that would improve the tree though. It was the angle and some adjustments to the styling. Now I feel that it is moving in the right direction.

Here is a very cheap and simple nursery stock Sabina juniper. For a few years I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then it had its first repot, then first styling and trim a year later. It was left alone for some time and had another repot into what I felt to be a more suitable container in the spring of 2018. It grew freely until November 2018 when I gave it a second styling.

Here I had some fun with a request from a client, to create a tree for their significant other as a gift. Even easy to take care of Ficus trees can be made to look interesting and I was quite happy with the outcome given I didn’t have much time to prepare this tree.

Here is another tree that just hasn’t received much attention and after years in a plastic container it was re-potted spring of 2018 and was finally styled. This tree is beginning to look like a weeping tree in nature and I hope to improve it further.

This tree is also moving in the right direction and I hope to pull out more of that high-alpine, candelabra look.


We’re really looking forward to give this tree a second styling after it was re-potted into a more bonsai-style Chinese pot. It was nice to wake up and see a fresh layer of snow on this yamadori.

I’ve been enjoying the process this tree has gone through and we’re very happy with the progress in just 9 months that it has been at the balcony.

img_0150 (1)

Early winter photo of the Moravian Forest. We plan on adding more trees to improve this composition, unfortunately there are almost no available Beech trees available at nurseries.


Lastly, I wanted to end with a little project over the holidays. I was inspired by Bonsai Mirai and their Christmas tree bonsai. We picked a nice Nordmann fir at a local nursery and had a great time transforming a regular Christmas tree into something that can be a nice-looking tree in a few years. Firs are awesome and remind me of home while I was working on this. I hope to dabble with more in the future.

Wishing you all the best into 2019 and I hope your trees and collections improve and grow like weeds!



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