Hornbeam #2

A great little tree I found by almost tripping over it in the tall grass. It grew very well during the summer except for some mildew that the leaves caught and assimilation was then lowered. It was sprayed against this and has new leaves again now. I may or may not transplant this tree next year because I would be very stoked if it could be put into a good looking pot as soon as possible.


In the future this tree may also need to be air-layered.


Sabina Juniper cascade

I bought this for 5 bucks 3 years ago. It wasn’t given much attention the first summer or the next after it was re-potted and some foliage cut off. Last summer I put it into a great pot by Jiri Svacina and gave it some styling. I was very unimpressed and for a year I kept looking at how I could improve this tree.

I thinned out the foliage as much I dared. Sabina doesn’t make nice pom poms (if you will) like the Chinese Shimpaku unless ahead of time you develop the pads before you style. This is something I learned with this experience and fully wiring the tree helped me understand junipers a little bit better. I still went into this tree without really knowing how or what to really wire and remove when wiring a juniper for the first time.

Finishing the bottom wiring and after rafia was applied to the main trunk; the next picture is now the new front. img_1145

Finished for now.

A few angles, the larger image was originally the front I was hoping to go for but I choose the prior image as the front. Again for now, perhaps this will change.


The progression. Good 5 bucks spent. Have a great day!

New Beech

I found a great old beech this winter and grabbed it during March, but unfortunately after growing well for 3 months, it kicked the bucket at the end of June. No idea why but it was a shame.

Still I wanted another Beech because, when you see the huge ones in the forrest, they are just badass. Recently, I went to a small expo and found, in good health, a slim feminine beech and for the price I felt compelled to bring it to the balcony and give it a different look in a few years.



Re-pot next year. Beech usually have long root-balls and the fact that the owner before me managed to keep it from growing out is very convenient. However, I will probably have to do an air layer to give it a better nebari, maybe in the spring it could be the better option than just re-potting.

New Cork Oak

I wish I had still had my first cork but I forgot about it during my family visiting during Christmas in 2014. Poor fella.

The next opportunity for a cork came in this form. Small but I transplanted to a larger pot and this will be left alone until mid summer next year, then I will wire it.



img_1079This was selected as the front; the most curves !) . This will need some winter protection so it will be placed in a colder corridor with no direct sun.