Sabina Juniper cascade

I bought this for 5 bucks 3 years ago. It wasn’t given much attention the first summer or the next after it was re-potted and some foliage cut off. Last summer I put it into a great pot by Jiri Svacina and gave it some styling. I was very unimpressed and for a year I kept looking at how I could improve this tree.

I thinned out the foliage as much I dared. Sabina doesn’t make nice pom poms (if you will) like the Chinese Shimpaku unless ahead of time you develop the pads before you style. This is something I learned with this experience and fully wiring the tree helped me understand junipers a little bit better. I still went into this tree without really knowing how or what to really wire and remove when wiring a juniper for the first time.

Finishing the bottom wiring and after rafia was applied to the main trunk; the next picture is now the new front. img_1145

Finished for now.

A few angles, the larger image was originally the front I was hoping to go for but I choose the prior image as the front. Again for now, perhaps this will change.


The progression. Good 5 bucks spent. Have a great day!


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