Colorado Spruce #1 (Picea Pungens)

I will be teaming up with a local nursery this spring in Komin, Brno area. The place is called Carex and they have some decent conifer material along with a very friendly staff. I highly recommend visiting them and asking them if they can deliver the type of material you seek. Most of it has gone by the way side and most people wouldn’t consider putting in their garden landscape anymore even if you paid them. I was intrigued by this tree and I decided to take it up as a challenge and eventually create a high alpine Rocky Mountain tree.



Good sized trunk with more of it hidden under this “soil” which it must have been living in for many years. It has great bark and the trunk size is not bad either.


Here’s the tree after some branch selection and a reduction in height. I hope to improve the health and get some back-budding. After this Pungens regains some vigor I will cutoff even more but I don’t want to risk killing or severely weakening the tree.

In the spring I will take apart the rootball and place it into a fresh substrate mixture which should help bump this tree back in the right direction.

Here are some badass examples that have really inspired me and I would like to evoke a similar feeling in the final design.
I saw this tree several years ago and find it a really fantastic example of a high elevation tree, Andy did a great job here.

Todd Schlafer, a Colorado local, has worked with Mirai and I find his work very inspirational as well. I really enjoy what he has been doing with Pungens Spruce especially and he as also mentioned that this is his favorite species. Check out his work at or his instagram page.


Take care,



Slovenian Scots Pine

I bought this tree from Nik Rozman back in October at the Kromeriz exhibit for a good price and I finally got around to moving it forward. I made some first steps but I was still unsure of how exactly I should move forward and therefore I brought it to my teacher Pavel Slovak.

He showed me a few new and very handy tips on how to bend branches even easier. He also chided me for how I tried to bend the main branch and we have plans to address this branch again during the growing period. He agreed with my front but added a slightly different angle variation. After wiring the main structural branches my homework was to finish the individual pads and the final design.


I have too many trees that move to the left and as much I tried to consider this position, this view was not selected due to the tree moving away. the movement wasn’t as interesting from this side either.



A little bit of a trim and the first maneuver, some heavy bending. The main branch will have to be addressed again. 



Thinned out to this year’s needles.


Between Christmas and New Year’s I tackled this tree in a period of two days. Never have I wired a tree this large and for so long as it took me about 11 hours total and my body was¬†definitely complaining after. Who knew keeping your arms up and spine bent in a strange position could be such a workout?
I’m not to pleased with how this looks in the picture but I am with the look in-person. I am excited to throw this into it’s next pot and watch it develop as this really needs to fill out in many areas. I also look forward to improving the main branch as it’s angle to the trunk line is too obtuse and needs to be brought even lower.



Late November post

I apologize for not posting anything lately as it’s been quite a busy period in the daily life and almost no action in regards to trees for a couple of months. In the past few weeks however, I managed to visit Pavel Slovak for some more schooling and advice, acquired a new project and styled a couple trees. I’ll be posting about those activities sometime soon.

But firstly, I had a big upgrade for this winter. I ditched the old flappy PVC greenhouse I had last year in favor of an actual green house with a steel frame, Velcro windows for actual air circulation when it gets hot and a zip-up door on both sides. I can actually stand in this one compared to last year’s model. Upgrade!


When I unpacked this greenhouse, there were no instructions. Just approximately 9 types of poles that just had numbers on them and an angry, confused and desperate me. After stomping around the terrace for about an hour like an irrational 5 year old, I managed to calm down and reverse engineer the correct pieces of the puzzle/greenhouse from an online picture of the structure. I also contacted the eShop and they provided the instructions a week later. Next year will be easier :).

Stay tuned and have a good one.