Mid summer update

I apologize for not posting new material lately but I’ve been dealing with a nasty migraine the past couple of months and work has kept me very busy as well as Bonsai. I recently took a trip to Mr. Jiri Svacina’s place because pine re-potting season is here and I wanted a nice container for the mugo pine that Mr. Pavel Slovak gave me as an assignment a couple years ago.

I really appreciate his style and I always feel like a kid in a candy shop when I visit, not to mention spending an extra hour or two more than I originally planned.

One pot seemed to fit the criteria I was looking for and so, it went home with me along with a couple other baked goodies. Here is the finished result.


I hope you’re enjoying your summer and that your trees are growing well. Remember since the temperatures are going up, it’s time to lay off the fertilizer as it competes with the water uptake in your roots.



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