Some re-potting

Here’s another batch of trees I re-potted. I still have a few more to go but the weather has been real crap lately. Beech, some hornbeam, my new hazel and some others still haven’t opened their buds!



This tree was bought 4 years ago as a ordinary nursery Alberta bush. I think there is potential to make this look like an old mountain Spruce


Hazel, still hasn’t opened. I hope the cold didn’t damage too much of the tree.


This picture of this Linden is from about 2 weeks ago. I will post newer pictures of opened trees soon.

3 thoughts on “Some re-potting

  1. Just came across your page and love the posts!!!!! Great trees!!!! Great info!!!!
    I’m hoping for a suggestion on a huge blue beech I transplanted to my back yard last year, had to make some choices in the field when I trunk chopped it and I know I will need to do some more but can’t get my head around where to do it, open to any styles that suit it??? Can’t find a way to send you pictures, thought I would ask for your suggestions before I went ahead and sent pictures anyway!!!! If you can’t help I understand,thanks for your time!!!



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