Mixed Forest

This started out as a beech group with just 5 trees. 2 of those died and I decided that I wanted to try and create a mixed group.


Some ideas such as using hornbeam, spruce maybe even an oak or scots pine. I wanted to create a group or forest that you could find growing naturally around here. I realized that it was a shame to just use 5 trees so I tried to add as many as I could without disturbing the roots too much.

I tried to find the most appropriately sized trees and I even managed to grab a spruce sapling along with one of them. So for now, 3 species in this group. I hope to have a couple more trees added in the spring but maybe also a new species of tree? I’ll see what happens.


I decided to style the group and perhaps you can notice that one isn’t. That’s because it is dead :/

There are also some flaws with this design such as a strong center tree. I will try and correct these in the spring. I have one hornbeam sapling waiting in the greenhouse but I need to find something bigger for the center piece. That means going to all the nurseries and finding something that has been in a pot for some time or going into the forest, finding something good enough and then hope that the rootball is good enough to support the tree in this container. Group plantings are difficult when you don’t manage to get the entire group done at once.



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