Scots pine #3

I wired quite a few trees recently but I didn’t manage to post them here. I will quickly change that…

I bought this tree from Pavel Slovak in September and we discussed some ideas as to how it could be shaped and also how to address some of the issues it had.


This is a true Scots pine (pinus sylvestris) from the high Alps. Many of the Scots that grow around the lower elevations have mixed somewhat and also have softer needles whereas the original Scots from the mountains have pointier needles and have slightly different bark as well. This was a front we thought could work well but the upper straight section needed to be addressed.


After thinning out the foliage to this year’s growth and slightly bending the straight section. After a month or more later I bent this even further and as far as I dared before wiring it. This tree seemed fit for some Literati or Bunjin form and this was the front I would try to work with.


I realized that this front was.. not very good. I didn’t like it at all and I wasn’t sure why.


Then I thought that this was the most appropriate front and I will probably stick with it. Once I visit Pavel again I will ask for more help and how we can improve the design.


I hope to improve this one.





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