Linden #2

After coming to dig up the first Linden in a spot outside of a corn field, I stumbled (almost) across this one. It already had better movement, structure, taper, you name it, from the first Linden. It was also coming out of the ground, I decided.




I realized that Linden’s are now one of my favorite deciduous species. They grow very well, are quite resilient to collecting and old branches are flexible. This could also be a bad point though as the branches will most likely spring back if the wire isn’t allowed to bite in slightly.

Since this grew so well, I also thought it would be safe to style it. Normally one should do the first styling after two growing seasons with deciduous.


I styled this one more in the ‘naturalistic style’ that Walter Pall describes and many of his trees follow this style. I am sure he would have some comments about how to make this tree better though. The bottom branches/trunks will need to thicken while the top will most likely get chopped beginning of June.
Both of the Lindens that were posted will probably need to be air-layered. The first one for sure and this one I may wait until the spring of 2018.



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