Larch #1 re-pot and progress

I can’t remember where I heard or read this but a well known bonsai artist was asked what their favorite species to work with was. Their reply, “Larch… Larch… and Larch.”

Larch are God damn fantastic. They have the rough characteristics of conifers but they change with the seasons like deciduous trees, so you get a bonus!

Here is another profile of a small tree that my friend told me not to waste my time with but I just couldn’t resist and I wanted to have a small larch ready to work on. So I bought it.


As purchased. It probably wasn’t watered much or fertilized because of the small needle length. This is cute and all but if we want to develop a tree this is not ideal.


I trans-planted it into a larger pot and let it grow freely with fertilizer that summer. This means that I did not disturb the roots, if I did then the tree could easily die. This picture is before the next growing season before styling

March 17 front2

After styling. A bit weird but that’s fine by me. A re-pot was done a couple months later as the buds began to come alive. The reason for this small pot was that I was hoping to show this tree at an exhibition as a accent but that did not end up happening


After another successful growing year. Not much difference. This was due to cutting many of the extending buds because I was hoping to show this as an accent that summer



The root situation wasn’t ideal. So the decision was good to re-pot into something with more growing space


The end result with another pot made by Jiri Svacina. I choose this pot because I thought it could prove to be an interesting combination. I will let the tree grow freely this year for a change and the wire will have to come off this year





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