Larch #2 re-pot and progress

This was a sweet deal. A year and a half ago, I purchased a Larch that I thought had great potential for a killer price. It was in a decently shallow growing container but I felt that it deserved a great pot to show it off. I wasn’t prepared with the root situation that I found in the growing container. There was still too much wood underneath the soil which has to be removed in small quantities as you never want to do too much work on a tree at once; especially a conifer. I also didn’t have any other new pot with me than the 2 that I brought with me at the time of the re-potting and I didn’t want to put it back into the growing container. The result was that the Larch was in a pot that didn’t suit it so well and I had no other or better option at the time.

A year later, I found a better suited pot for this tree and I managed to reduce some of the useless wood that was under the ideal soil line. I believe this pot enhances and compliments the tree much better than the last one. Feel free to share your opinion!


When I first acquired the tree



Before the first styling


DSC_0344(without top) 2014

I edited the top off. I felt that it was currently too tall and I didn’t like the proportions. I thought this would eventually become necessary. I think many people wouldn’t cut this because they are afraid that it will look ugly for some time. This is true but without this chop the tree will never look good.

March 21-2015 repot

This was the pot I was left with. Not such a great match

March 21-2015_3


I was relieved when the tree showed signs that it survived the re-potting. I was afraid that I went too far with root trimming and removing some of the wood underneath the soil line.

June 26, 2015

This shot was taken by my friend Jiri Vyslouzil. Check out his work here:


In February I decided to perform the amputation. The milk of the poppy must have been strong because I didn’t hear a single cry in pain…


This is the current state as of today after re-potting. The top will need lots of growth this year to fill in the empty and cut looking voids but I think it was the best decision to move this tree forward. This pot was made by Mr. Jiri Svacina from Zastavka u Brna.


Spring is here when Larch say so. The wire has been on for over a year and it hasn’t bitten into the branches/twigs yet so I will leave it on perhaps for this entire growing season if possible. Wire should bite into the wood a bit on conifers to guarantee the desired shape is kept. Otherwise the branches will swing right back into their previous positions


This is my watering station here at Balcony Bonsai Brno. Some also refer to it as a bathtub..

See you soon!



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