Grafting attempt

One of my first tries to create more branches. This is one of my first trees that I bought here in the Czech Republic. It’s a very ordinary Japanese Maple but I think with time it can be a nice small sized tree. I also like sumo-like Yamadori regarding deciduous trees, so I also need the balance of some nice elegant and feminine trees.

This tree has some sort of issue though. It fails to throw new branches on different parts of the trunk. I decided to try and aid this matter by drilling holes through the trunk, pushing branches through but careful not to destroy or break the new buds on these branches. Then using putty or cut paste, secure the branches in place. I will allow this tree to grow freely until July. Hopefully as the cambium grows, expands and heals. The trunk will fuse with the branches and BOOM, I have new branches. I will report how effective this was a few months from now.


Ordinary Japanese Maple with NO BRANCHES ON THE RIGHT! Not to mention the rear of the tree


after drilling, pushing the branches through and fixing into place



I didn’t have long branches to pick from so I only pulled 3 new branches that I hope will take

Take care and enjoy the signs that spring has come.


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