Isabelia Bonsai garden/shop

A week ago, I visited the Isabelia bonsai garden ( in Stare Mesto right next to Uherske Hradiste with my friend Jirka and enjoyed some of the very impressive trees:


Really impressive Scots Pine, I wasn’t able to get a better quality picture but this was probably my favorite Pine, the movement on such an old piece is really impressive.


Japanese White Pine grafted onto Japanese Black Pine


Carpinus Coreana or Korean Hornbeam


A Downy oak from the looks of it Quercus Pubescens

I believe all of these trees to be well over 70 years old but there were no tags with the trees to know exactly. Here are some more pictures:


Not sure what species this is but I am guessing a Japanese Black Pine (pinus thunbergii)


and a close up of the bark of the last pine in question


The oldest Ginkgo I’ve ever seen and I’m sure that it’s expensive.

Next are some pictures of the garden trees in training, also known as Niwaki, and some other things from the garden.


A very well developed Japanese Beech, with me for size comparison


A view of a part of the garden


Very inspirational Niwaki pine


another view of the garden with a pine recently undergoing training to become Niwaki


A close up of dead wood on a well developed Larch (Larix Decidua)

If you get a chance to visit their gardens, I highly recommend it. Off topic, don’t forget to watch the MotoGP 2015 final today! Go Rossi! Enjoy your Sunday!


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